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If you are being sued for non-compliance of the American Disability Act you are not alone. There are many seemingly “professional” plaintiffs. In fact, the Eastern District Court of California averages about a new lawsuit every business day. To many, this appears to be nothing more than legalized extortion. Some claim to be advocates for the disabled. Whatever their true intent this lawsuit is going to cost you money.


Our recommendation is to obtain a quality CASp inspection of your property. The CASp inspection identifies ALL your non-compliant issues – not just the ones claimed in the complaint. Often our clients are able to correct ALL the issues before going to court. This makes your attorney’s job easier (and faster). In some cases your attorney may be able to get the case dismissed by the Court without paying any damages. Other times a “Quality CASp” report limits the disputable items making an out of court settlement easier to obtain again reducing your costs.


Another benefit of a “Quality CASp” report as an independent inspector, we may find some issues claimed by the person suing you are not valid. Some non-complying issues may not be “readily achievable” to correct.


It is our belief if you are sued you need a “Quality CASp” report and legal representation experienced with the law. Our firm Apollo ADA, a division of Apollo Construction Services Incorporated, can provide you with a quality report. We have been specializing in this service for over five years. An added benefit to utilizing our report service is as general contractors, we can also correct any issues needing correction.


If you need assistance with selecting your legal representation, we can help. Over the years we have worked with several attorneys from San Diego to Redding and all places in between. We constantly work with new attorneys and are happy to work with whomever you select.


We are centrally located in Fresno, CA allowing us to efficiently service all California.


We would be glad to answer any questions for FREE. Just call us at (559) 479-0276 

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