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We, Apollo ADA, provide one of the most comprehensive reports available. Not only do we strive to complete the most thorough inspection possible (standard practice is to have two persons performing the inspection); our reports include building history, applicable code and estimated building costs for corrections. Our reports are completed in a timely manner, usually within 7-10 business days, but maybe expedited if necessary.

If you review our work product, you will find not only do we identify non-compliant issues, we will also review the complaint (if required or requested) and address all alleged issues. When beneficial, we include either the ADA or CBC citation (i.e. CBC Title 24 Chapter 11B-403.3 Exception). Many with whom we have worked found this level of detail beneficial. Our reports of course include pictures of anything alleged, conditions found non-compliant and illustrations where possible to describe or show the standard considered.

Often times, we are requested to review the complaint and the facility to provide our opinion if the complaint has merit. If the complaint has merit, what if any mitigating factors are present or what would we recommend to correct any issues. Obviously this is not a “legal opinion” but an observation (Code states: door not to exceed 5 pounds pressure to open; existing required pressure to open door 10 pounds – Change closer at approximate cost of $300 and can be completed by tomorrow).

Since most complaints are filed in Federal Court, we can access thru our own Pacer account.

For your convenience we submit our reports in printed or pdf format.

We have previously been retained by both plaintiff and defendant’s counsel. Our reports have been used in lieu of a “joint site inspection.”


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