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Is it important to be ADA Proactive?


The short answer is – yes. If you are a “Public Accommodation”, meaning you are a business in California, you are exposed to all the responsibilities of the American Disabilities Act and the added burden provided by our own California laws. For this reason Californians are being targeted for non-compliance of the ADA more than the next five highest states, combined.


The laws in California are written in such a manner, a few “activist plaintiffs” and their “reasonably priced attorneys” are what some would call extorting millions of dollars from hard working families and businesses. California law is so stacked against the business owner, disabled individuals from other states are coming to California and filing lawsuits.


How do you become ADA proactive?

First obtain a quality CASp inspection. A quality CASp inspection will identify all the non-compliant issues pertaining to your building / business. The inspection will also help determine “what is readily achievable, technically infeasible and equivalent facilitation”.


Once you are knowledgeable as to what needs to be brought into compliance, your CASp inspector should help you prioritize the corrections to make your facility as fully accessible as possible and ways to remove you as a target of the “drive by lawsuit”.


Correcting of the identified issues, often times can be accomplished for less than the cost of defending an ADA lawsuit.


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