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Why choose Apollo ADA to perform your CASp inspection?

Your inspection and the accompanying report are confidential and for your use only. Unfortunately, not all reports are created equal. How do we know this? Individuals just like yourself have received a report and do not know what to do with it. For many of our clients this is when they first contact us.

Other reports, show only the “building element” that does not comply with “existing codes”.  Often the “building code” issue is not cited or even explained. The report contains a picture of a parking stall (building element) with the statement “Parking non-compliant”. What is non-compliant is important. Accessible Parking could have as many as a dozen “non-compliant” issues.

How can an owner or tenant know what to fix or what will it cost without an explanation?

When a report is inadequate, the owner/tenant cannot effectively meet the requirements of the law or the needs of the truly disabled. For example, some elements are very complex. “Floor and Ground Clearances” have many differing interpretations depending upon location, use and surrounding elements. It is not as simple as 30”x 48”.


Our reports provide:

  • Identification of the “public accommodation”, your business.
  • Determination of proper codes.
  • Explanations of your Rights and Duties in a non-legal manner.
  • Building elements inspected.
  • Issues of non-compliance, including pictures.
  • Citing of applicable Building code, with informational diagrams when possible.
  • Cost estimates to correct a specific non-compliant issue.
  • Prioritize corrections based upon your financial strength, code requirements and accessibility improvement.
  • Realistic schedule of action including your future plans.
  •  DSA Disability Inspection Certificate.


We are also licensed General Contractors. Our contractor’s license number is #974513. We also carry Workman’s Compensation for our employees. That is why we include “valuable” estimates with our reports. Some claim to be a contractor, but if you check at the Contractor’s State License Board (CSLB), they are exempt for insurance requirements as they do not have employees.


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