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We are a family-owned business beginning in 1984 as a specialty glazing contractor. As the business grew and the market changed, so did we. We have expanded to become a full service general contracting firm.

Because of our expertise in project management, safety and the American Disabilities Act, we have provided services to a wide geographical area (Hawaii to the United Kingdom). We have been a part of nuclear energy and solar energy projects valued in excess of $2 billion dollars. We have built projects as small as an agricultural building project and managed the erection of a million-plus square foot distribution center.

Through our consulting services, we provide safety training to other contractors and major corporations, both in California and nationwide.

In 2010, we began focusing on the compliance requirements of the American Disabilities Act upon public accommodations. Public accommodations are essentially all business entities whether for-profit, non-profit, small or large. Due to the significant increase in ADA civil litigation in California, our managing director demonstrated his competence and received his designation as a Certified Access Specialist (CASp #456) from the State of California Division of the State Architect.

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